BIGEARS Solutions, Inc.

Small Rubber Gasket cutting machine.
General purpose strip loader for semiconductor industry.
Concept for a general purpose roller conveyor
Automated Optical Inspection Machine for Electronics Company
Lens Mould Cleaning Unit for Lens Manufacturing Industry
PCB Shaker for Electronics R&D Industry
Painting Machine for Leather Industry
Packing Detection Jig for Plastic Molding Industry
Pick and Place Unit to load items into Moulding Die for a Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.
Rubber Gasket Insert and Checking Machine
Designed to be a universal table-top pick and place unit that can be used for a number of applications such as inspection, assembly, gluing, etc.
Originally designed as shaker for Sankol Chemical.
Transferable Product Barcode Verification Unit for Pharmaceutical Company
Item transfer machine from one vessel to another.
Item Cleaning Unit using compressed air and vacuum.