Solutions INC.

"We Listen, We Do"

Who We Are

BIGEARS Solutions, Inc.

is a company engaged in automation solutions and services. We cater project conceptualization, detailed designing, up to assembly and programming. Equally, we are capable of services including, but not limited to, machine rehab, modification, integration, or even do technical documentation.

Our aim is to provide the industry with products locally designed and produced utilizing the talents of our own skilled designers and programmers thereby resulting to a more cost-competitive solution. Moreover, locally-made means that customers communicate directly to us with no issue on language or culture barrier common when dealing with makers outside the country.

Core members’ experiences in automation, coupled with good company-customer relationship are the key strengths of our group.

Continuously, we strive to expand our business by partnering with trusted firms in the manufacturing and automation industry.

What We Do

Adhering to our motto “we listen, we do”, we provide services even at the project conceptualization stage where customers only have the idea but lack the necessary tools and experience to realize their objectives - like lending our “Big Ears” to listen and understand even the minute details of customer’s needs. To do so, we equipped ourselves with skills necessary, particularly design and programming software, and technical know how.